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Municipality of Velenje, Slovenia

City municipality of Velenje is very active across the borders of our country, since in the past we established co-operation with comparable cities across Europe.

At Slovenia's entry into the European Union, the City municipality of Velenje was one of the first municipalities, which was prepared organized  for the absorption of European funds through establishment of so called »Project group for EU projects". Since 2004 we have carried out a number of projects supported by the European Community and we hope on such success also in the future. We have established cooperation between cross borders cities. We are also working with cities in Central and Southeastern Europe and wider. Through EU projects we try to present and implement in our environment good practice from other cities. On the other side we, the City municipality of Velenje, is a European example of good practice in the field of rehabilitation of the environment and eliminations of negative consequences of mining. Through projects we are focus on business development, education, environmental protection, promotion of energy efficiency, culture, tourism, youth, etc…

We have already obtained EU funding for the conservation of cultural heritage, to build facilities for the development of entrepreneurship, building the infrastructure for tourism and youth education and environmental infrastructure.

Within duties and interests as self-governing local community Municipality Velenje carries out administrative, professional and organizing duties in areas defined with law, municipal charter, decrees and local community acts. Municipality participates in preparation of local development plans and project councils for local programs. Alongside matters of common concern, Municipality Velenje performs duties defined by national laws. Other municipality's duties are: regulatory resolution of matters of local common concern, administration of municipality estates, enabling conditions for economic development, local public services, promoting research, cultural and society activities, developing sport and recreation, concern for air, soil, water resources, noise protection, refuse collection and disposal and other environmental protection activities, managing, constructing and maintaining infrastructure etc. In particular, the Municipality comprises experienced communications professionals - strategists, journalists, technology marketers and public relations executives and media coaches - who will work directly to achieve results.


Website of the Municipality:
Contact person: Helena Knez
E-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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