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As how to deal with inconvenient heritage of the past is still an open issue in post-totalitarian regimes in Europe (Poland is deciding the demolition of Stalinism building, even if in the same country the former industrial socialist factories of Nova Huta were transformed in a tourist destination), this WP will try to elaborate a Trans-national Manual of wise management, preservation, re-use and economic valorisation of the architecture of the totalitarian regimes of the XX Century. A growing number of people in the world, in fact, is seeking for authentic and memorable experiences when travelling, and for significant niches of city visitors to visit this type of architecture, emblem of totalitarian regimes, could represent a strong attraction. The Manual will, in particular, try to illustrate the potential of economic valorisation of this architecture, keeping in mind that various surveys have demonstrated since some years that the historical/cultural travellers spend on average more than the other travellers (starting from the very first study of historic/cultural travellers carried out by Travel Industry Association of America in 1997; it found that heritage tourist spend more money and stay longer than other U.S travellers. Spending per trip: 668$/heritage; 425$-others; average length of stay: 5,2 nights-heritage, 3,3 nights-others; heritage travellers: more likely to shop (45% vs. 35%), more likely to stay in paid accommodations (56% vs. 42%). Ad hoc training seminars will be delivered to policy makers, public officials, professionals etc., in order to enable them to implement the Manual's indications in their daily practices. The Manual, divided into 3 sections, will also be the base to start various further researches (historical, sociological, architectonical, tangible & intangibile culture, including traditions, uses, foods etc.), in collaboration with universities & research institutions, in such a way as to promote a durable interest on the subject.


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