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House of the Party Buzludzha

Photo: Nikola Mihov Photo: Nikola Mihov
The Memorial House of the BCP is the largest communist monument in Bulgaria. It is a dynamic contexture of two parts - vertical pylon (70 m of height) with a red star on top – a symbol characteristic for the regime, and a horizontal volume – a domed round state hall (60 m diameter) with a dome, in the center of which is placed another communist symbol - hammer and sickle.The main material is visible concrete (even in the interior) "for impressive image clarity and sincerity of expression" architectural forms are brief, large-scale, inspired by the idea of a crown placed on top - a symbol of "the people’s gratitude" and "a waving communist flag''.

Before the parade staircase at the foot of the Memorial House there are two monumental sculptures resembling "waving revolutionary flags." Both sides of the main entrance are embossed with verses from the "Internationale" and "Workers’ march." The central lobby, which is located just below the hall is decorated with two bronze sculptures, symbolizing freedom and the party. Three monumental stairways take the visitor up to the state amphitheater hall. The volume of the hall is limited by solid decorative wall that does not reach the ceiling. The the dome is attached to the "saucer" at the windows outside the hall in the outer contour of the spherical volume. Thus the massive dome is perceived as “flying” over the hall, and the natural light enters the hall indirectly.

The interior is richly decorated with works of monumental fiberglass and mosaic. The wall of the hall is covered in mosaics with a total area of 1000 sq. m. The inner circle is dedicated to the history and rise of the party, highlighting important dates - 1891, 9 September. 1944 Fifth Party Congress, April Plenum, Tenth Party Congress, Marx, Engels, Lenin and their successors Bulgarian - Dimitar Blagoev and Georgi Dimitrov, Todor Zhivkov are depicted as central figures in the process. The outer circle reflects the development of a socialist society - peaceful life and labour successes of the working class as a prerequisite for continued social progress.

The 70-meter tower is crowned with two glowing ruby stars. They were made in the Soviet Union and are three times larger than those in the Kremlin. At night, the brightly lit memorial is visible from a distance of 30 km.

The Memorial House of the BCP is unique for the territory of the Bulgaria. Among the landmarks in the designed cultural route, it has a high cognitive value as an evidence for the totalitarian one-party rule of the regime over all aspects of the social, political and cultural life in the country, as well as for the high artistic achievements in art at the time.


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