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House of Literature & Art Patras, Greece

The House of Literature and Art, built in 1973 with designs by the architect Michalis Doris, is a seven floor building located at King’s George A’  square, the central square of Patras, Greece. It is situated between the ‘Apollon’ Theatre, a miniature of Milan Theatre La Scala, designed by Ernest Ziller, and a neoclassical building where the National Bank of Greece is now housed. At the seven floors of the House of Literature and Art are taking place several activities. Specifically, in the first and fourth floor is located the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Patras, already completed a twenty-year cycle of creative presence around Greece in the area of contemporary drama. On the second floor there is a conference room where take place several events such as presentations, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and relative activities. On the third floor is located the “Sokari Room” which is a conference room as well. On the fifth floor is located the Deputy Mayorship for Education, transparency and electronically consultancy. On the sixth floor is located the Museum of History and Ethnology with historic artifacts from Achaia. Finally, on the seventh floor is the Municipal Dancing Department where the residents, of any age, can be taught many dancing styles. The dancing department is very active and annually its members have a tour dancing all over Greece and in abroad.


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