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Final dissemination event in Greece

by Christos Emmanouilidis, Vassilis Koniordos and Stefanie Leontiadis

Several meetings both physical and via other communication means (phone, skype) were held to plan this event. The final planning meeting was organized at the Municipality of Thessaloniki premises on the 10th of July 2013. It was decided that in order to maximize the event impact, it was appropriate to organize the event as a synergy of different Cultural Routes and other initiatives. Considering that the ATRIUM project piloting targeted a key area of urban re-development intervention in Thessaloniki, that is the area around Platform A of Thessaloniki’s port, a target was also set to engage the Port Authority of Thessaloniki and a site visit to the area. Finally, it was sought from the outset to place the whole event under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, as part of the European Heritage Days (EHD) 2013, therefore the dates for the event were chosen to be 27-29 September 2013, coinciding with EHD.

The conference took place at the Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum. The opening was on the evening of 27/9, when the introductory remarks were made by the organizing committee and official representatives from regional and other authorities were present and gave brief introductory talks and support. The concept of cultural crossroads was highlighted by the inclusion of the ‘En Chordais’ ensemble, a world-class music group playing Mediterranean music with cross-cultural influences. The main conference sessions took place on 28/9, including 4 main streams:

1. The Phoenician’s Route
2. The Wine Routes
4. Best practices and other initiatives

Finally a site visit at the piloting case study of the Thessaloniki Port Headquarters was organized on the 29/9. Importantly, after the visit the Municipality of Thessaloniki opened the ‘Demetria 2013’ festivities at the same site. ‘Demetria’ is the main annual cultural event in Thessaloniki and hosting it at this particular site signifies the grown importance that the urban re-development of Thessaloniki’s port Platform A has acquired over the years.


The conference attendance


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