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Atrium first pilot action in Forli

by Lead Partner

From 1st to 16th June 2013 the Municipality of Forlì and the Province of Forlì-Cesena organized the first pilot actions of ATRIUM Project. A plenty of activities were organized throughout the cities of Forlì, Castrocaro Terme e Terra del Sole, Forlimpopoli, Predappio, Bertinoro Fratta Terme and Cesenatico. A hundreds of citizens, international guests, representatives of project partners took part in the events. These concluding events of the ATRIUM project aimed to explore the architectural and urban character of this heritage, with in addition a serious of cultural, theatrical, musical and historical events and exhibition. In addition, the project has produced multimedial material as well as tourist information which allow the visitors to Forlì to chose their own visitors pathway, on food or by bicycle, in the classic tradition of Romagna. To promote the Cultural Route from a tourist point of view, the cultural events linked to ATRIUM have been supported by the organization of a “Festival of the Twentieth Century”, a collection of events which involve the whole Forlì area including five towns of the district: Bertinoro, Castrocaro Terme-Terra del Sole, Predappio, Forlimpopoli and Cesenatico. The guiding principle is to propose a visit to the area which, strating from rationalist and monumental architecture, is able to include all that the cities can offer in terms of art, events and food.

Some of the activities organized during the first pilot action in Italy:

  • Exhibition “the Problems of Fascism – the numbers as a means of propaganda”, put on by the Alcide Cervi Institute of Reggio Emilia. The exhibition was the result of a research carried out on school textbooks and the ways in which they exhibited Fascist propaganda;
  • Exhibition “Sport, Athletes and Olympic Games in Europe during WWII (1936 – 1948), organized in collaboration with Memoial de la Shoah of Paris. This exhibition provided a key to underspending the history of the twentieth century through an examination of the extraordinary development of sport during the period;
  • Free guided tours of the architectural heritage of the Fascist period in Forlì and Predappio
  • Scientific Conference: Society and Education in Building the New Men. Comparing Totalitarian Regimes;
  • Scientific Conference: Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes of the XX century.
  • Presentation of the research “From fields and from kitchens – the food system in Forlì (1920-1945);
  • Public conference to present the Cultural Route and all ATRIUM's outputs and results

The full programme of the ATRIUM final event in Forli can be downloaded from


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