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Rumen Draganov Director of The Institute of analysis and assessments in tourism – Sofia, Bulgaria

I appreciate the author’s views of the individual author’s subjects in Part 1 – Context, approaches, methods and criteria. I don’t comment and dispute those views but rather to encourage authors to keep the theses and conclusions that have been made for each subject.

I respect the uniqueness of thinking and ideas and keep that uniqueness to be a face of each individual author, without attempt to intervene in individuality. I would recommend only now and in the future, when an analysis and evaluation of the state of each object is done to be taken into account the ownership. This is very important especially when strategies for revitalization and management are pointed.

I think that when it comes to "cultural routes" there should be given further clarification concerning became popular concept of "cultural corridors", which is widely used in program documents along with cultural routes and cultural themes.

It should be taken in mind The Regional Forum Cultural Corridors of South East Europe (Bulgaria, 20-21 May 2005) and the adopted by the heads of the states in the region of Southeast Europe “Declaration from Varna” ( ) made by a network of experts from UNESCO, the Council of Europe, The European Commission and ICOMOS, directly connected with the aims of the project.

I also think that the manual will benefit if there is QR code for the sites, so that when a user scans the QR code will have quick access to pages and sites. The Manual of Wise Management, Preservation, Reuse and Economic Valorisation of Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes of the 20th Century is a finished product of 208 pages and is a completely new concept product aimed at specialists but also to a wide range of users beyond those referred to in project.


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